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12.03.2023 13:59

       One of the easiest ways to improve and balance the movement of Qi energy in the body is massage. Chinese Qigong massage has more than two thousand years of history. For many centuries, ancient Chinese healers, martial artists and representatives of the clergy have contributed to the creation of a unique bodily practice. Qigong massage, unlike classical massage, activates energy channels. It is a meditative technique, as a result of the session, a person experiences pleasant peace, calmness and relaxation. A person comes to a state of complete harmony with himself and the world, adjusts to a positive mood. In practice, Qi is a combination of innate human energy, as well as the one that we assimilate together with food and inhaled air, and its transformation and circulation through the body is the basis of all internal processes occurring in the body. Qigong massage clears the way for the unhindered flow of energy, restoring its elusive flow through the channels. In the highest sense, he is involved in the «three treasures»:

       - Qi,

       - Jing,

       - Shen.

       Their totality unites sexual energy, seed and spirit. It is their correct perfection, according to the teachings of the Tao, that lies at the heart of enlightenment. In addition to energy, this massage also has a deep relaxing effect on all muscle groups, stimulates the movement of blood and lymph, liberates joints, relieves old pains and tension throughout the body, increases immunity, helps the body adapt to sudden changes in the environment, slows down the aging process. Qigong is based on the following techniques:

       - Stroking. The meridians of the arms and legs are stroked directly, and the chakras on the abdomen and chest are circled clockwise.

       - Patting. The edge of the palm, as well as the knuckles of the fist and the fingertips are touched, lightly patting the skin.

       - Rubbing. Circular or linear pressure on the skin.

       Relaxing Qigong massage is a basic relaxing massage that normalizes the functional and energetic state of the body at a time. This massage is recommended to be taken regularly to maintain your body and soul in a cheerful state, to prevent stress and increase the immune forces of the body. I recommend doing it at least once a week. Qigong massage is used for the following problems:

       - Fatigue, chronic fatigue, irritability, depression, neurosis, stress conditions, insomnia, headaches, migraines, hypertension, hypotension, arrhythmia, neuralgia, neuritis,

       - Pain in muscles, joints with osteochondrosis, scoliosis, arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, inflammatory phenomena in the pelvis,

       - Violation of the rate of metabolic processes, obesity, cellulite, premature aging of the skin, hormonal imbalance,

       - Infertility, impotence, prostatitis,

       - Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,

       - Chronic diseases of the respiratory system,

       - Vegetative vascular dystonia, decreased immunity.

       The task of massage is to ensure an unhindered flow of energy through the channels of the body, which is the basis of health, mental balance and a rich, rich life of a person. It has its own structure corresponding to the main phases of energy transformation: movements are made in accordance with the direction of the energy meridians connecting all the vital organs and systems of the body. The success of the practice is determined not by the number of movements performed, but by the quality of each movement affecting the body. There are the following techniques of Qigong massage:

       1. The Technique of the Earth. It is performed with the help of uniform strong movements of the palms or feet.

       2. Metal Technique. They are performed using pinpoint, pressing, stabbing movements with fingers or needles.

       3. Fire Technique. It consists in increasing the local temperature by intensive rubbing.

       4. Water Technique. It is performed using smooth, slow, calm circular movements.

       5. The Technique of Wood. It consists in vibrating tapping movements imitating tree branches.

       The question of which techniques to use is decided directly by the master on an intuitive level. Unlike classical massage techniques, Qigong does not have a clear structure, but changes depending on the characteristics of the patient. Massage oils of vegetable origin are necessarily used for massage, without the use of chemical components, well, for example, cedar sap. The massage course consists of 15 procedures lasting from 30 minutes or more, but the effect can be felt after the first session. One session per week is enough to maintain the energy balance of the body. Massage should not be performed on a full stomach; it is better to refrain from eating an hour before and for an hour after the session. After the massage is completed, it is recommended to sleep. It is undesirable to take alcohol and smoke while undergoing a massage course. Qigong massage is contraindicated in some diseases:

       - Oncological diseases,

       - Exacerbation of chronic diseases,

       - Acute inflammatory processes,

       - Skin rash and allergic reactions,

       - Pregnancy, breast-feeding, during menstruation,

       - Severe mental illness,

       - Heart defects, severe renal or heart failure.

       In Qigong sessions, great importance is given to the mental message. Only a pure and bright thought helps the Qi energy to move correctly through the body and eliminate muscle clamps leading to the formation of various ailments. Massage movements in the Qigong system are never too sharp or forceful. The massage master is never tense, he is calm and relaxed. An important part of any type of Qigong massage is the naturalness of movements. Each type of massage using Qigong technology is completely safe for humans. The peculiarity of the technique is a soft, painless, but effective effect on both the muscular corset of the body and the internal organs, allowing the whole body to be brought to a harmonious state and coordinated work. There are several types of Qigong massage that strengthen the body as a whole, thanks to getting rid of negative energy and diseases:

       - Channel. Work with the human energy system on individual meridians of the body.

       - Mental. Working with the energies of the body through thought and imagination.

       - Contactless. Adjust Qi flows without touching the body with your hands or fingers.

       - Contact. Using fingers or palms.

       I have already explained that Qi is energy and is present in heaven, earth and every living being. Therefore, the correct definition of Qigong is any process of training or study that involves Qi and requires a lot of time and effort. From this definition it can be seen that Qigong is a science that studies energy in nature. The main difference between this and Western energy sciences is that the subject of the study of Qigong is the internal energy of a person, whereas Western science pays more attention to the study of energy outside the human body. Proper distribution of Qi throughout the body helps:

       - relieve fatigue, emotional tension;

       - eliminate pain, cramps, spasm;

       - feel the power and lightness;

       - adjust blood circulation and lymph flow;

       - restore and balance energy;

       - get rid of excess weight;

       - rejuvenate the body and spirit.

       Of the three Qi listed above, human Qi has been studied most fully. The study of human energy includes many different aspects. The Chinese believe that it is subject to Heavenly Qi and Earthly Qi, which determine the fate in reality. Therefore, if, in addition to understanding human relations, you also understand the relationship of man with nature, you will be able to predict wars, the fate of the country, as well as the desires, temperament and even the future of individuals. People who do this are called «fortune tellers» or «prophets». However, the greatest achievements in the study of human Qi relate to health and longevity. Since Qi is the source of life, understanding its functioning and the ability to regulate it correctly will allow you to live a long and healthy life. Remember that you are part of nature, subject to its cycles. To go against these cycles is to go against health, so it's in your best interest to follow the natural path. Qigong-an energy-restoring massage that studies aspects of human Qi:

       - acupuncture is a kind of alternative medicine based on the introduction of sterile disposable needles into special acupuncture points,

       - acupressure is a type of reflexology, which is based on irritation of the receptors by mechanical means - by pressing at the acupuncture points. Acupressure involves the use of the basic techniques of classical massage (stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration), transformed into special techniques depending on the anatomical features of the acupuncture zone and the purposes of exposure,

       - herbal medicine is a method of treating human diseases based on the use of medicinal plants and complex preparations of them tinctures and decoctions,

       - meditation is a practice in which a person uses a technique such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a specific object, thought or activity, to train attention and awareness and achieve a clear mind, emotionally calm and stable state,

       - Qigong is a system of coordinated postures and movements of the body, breathing and meditation, used for health and spirituality purposes, rooted in Chinese medicine.

       So, the study of any aspects of Qi, including Heavenly, Earthly and Human, is Qigong. However, since this term is commonly used today in relation to the improvement of human inner energy through meditation and exercise. Since our bodies are part of nature, the narrow definition of Qigong also includes the study of the connections of our bodies with Heavenly and Earthly Qi. Chinese acupressure Qigong makes it possible to restore energy balance, it has a beneficial effect on the condition of the internal organs of a person, heals the body as a whole. The essence of acupressure is the purposeful pressure on the acupuncture points of the human body. This makes it possible to launch the reserves of the body. With the help of exposure to biologically active points, it is possible to regulate the work of internal organs and systems. Each point is connected with a certain organ, and through it you can influence its work. If the work of an organ or system is disrupted, then when pressing on certain points, there may be painful sensations, the skin becomes sensitive. The master of acupressure, when probing, can determine the clamps, blocks, which organs need to be adjusted, how much and where there are neglected cases.

       Through Qigong massage, you can eliminate the consequences of improper work. Massage takes place in different ways: pressing on biologically active points can be one-time or sequential. It all depends on the specific violation of a certain organ. The correctness of the impact depends, among other things, on the skill of the master, who knows where and with what intensity to press. Chinese massage has long proven its effectiveness, safety and benefits. From the point of view of European medicine, there is a pressing on sensitive points, which in turn give the production of endorphins, and with them comes cheerfulness. Energy, good mood, relieves fatigue. Pain disappears, and blood flows to a certain part of the body, this is the stimulation of blood flow, and organs and tissues are saturated with oxygen, metabolism is activated. Thanks to this, it is easier for the body to resist diseases. With the help of Chinese acupuncture massage, you can affect not only biologically active points on the body, but also on the face. It helps with depression, insomnia, mental stress, nasal congestion and so on. In the next article I will tell you about aromatherapy massage with the addition of aromatic oils of natural origin and the absence of chemical components, for relaxation and relieving muscle tension.

       You can come to me strictly by appointment for a massage session and full monitoring of personal health using the RaDoTech device based on the Nakatani technology to the beauty salon «Lounge Beauty Club» at the address Pervouralsk, house 7-B. It is also possible to go to the house by prior call from 10-00 to 21-00. Call 8-958-224-39-01. Only Pervouralsk. Consultations on WhatsApp (WhatsApp) are possible. Subscribe to the group in the telegram channel «Aruba Wellness Center» (Center for Development, Health and Longevity): https://t.me/+zxgiYAWdgL4xOGEy


       Member of the «Prometheus» research group, representative of the «Aruba Wellness Center» (Center for the Development of Health and Longevity), masseur Dmitry Sivokon.


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