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       Tincture on birch buds.

       Already at the earliest stages of human development, plants were not only a source of nutrition for people, they helped people get rid of diseases. I received a unique remedy - an alcohol tincture on birch buds, treated with an infrared frequency in the range of 0,1-20 Hertz. The developer and manufacturer, professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, doctoral student, honored «Inventor of Russia» Viktor Sergeyevich Kralin, conducted many experiments and claims that this tincture, in addition to strengthening immunity, had a therapeutic effect in the following cases:

       - from a cold (I'm sure from a newfangled disease),

       - from bronchitis,

       - from sinusitis,

       - from papillomas,

       - for joints (with arthrosis and arthrosis),

       - for female diseases (for example, larch, with internal use, returned the resumption of monthly cycles to three women aged 56-58 years),

       - with prostatitis and adenoma,

       - for acne,

       - for hair restoration,

       - restoration of tissue microns in osteomyelitis, other purulent and staphylococcal and other types of infection,

       - eliminates pain in the back, lower back, neck by external rubbing of alcohol extract in the area of acute pain,

       - stops heavy bleeding and significantly reduces pain in cancer of the rectum, gastrointestinal tract and other lesions of internal organs,

       - internal intake of 7-10 % alcohol infusion of sprouted birch buds, diluted with an aqueous fraction of birch water, stimulates the immunity of the human body.

       The teacher is the King of States. Of course, there are a number of restrictions on the internal use of this tincture, during pregnancy, feeding, kidney diseases, and so on, where additional consultation with the attending physician is required. This is not a complete list of diseases that are successfully treated using the proposed technology. Without exaggeration, there are a lot of such examples in my practice and in the practice of our group. I would like to pay special attention to the fact that we have collected all the raw materials in exceptionally environmentally friendly regions where there is no pollution of the metallurgical, chemical industry, nuclear power plants and other industrial facilities. In the period 2010-2022, we conducted hundreds of scientific and practical studies of samples that were tested in the laboratories of Moscow State University, Institutes of Occupational Safety, Virology of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which was confirmed by dozens of research Protocols, including studies on white medical rats at the Institute of Occupational Safety of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In addition, we conducted hundreds of practical studies on the water fraction of birch and alcoholic tinctures from sprouted birch and received a 100% guaranteed positive result in the positive treatment of the above-mentioned human diseases, especially with the external nature of the diseases.

       Cedar oil.

       Cedar oil is a valuable vegetable product that has found wide application in home cosmetology and folk medicine. The product is used to repair damaged hair, smooth wrinkles, treat certain diseases and for some other purposes. Cedar oil is rich in useful substances. The main active components included in the product are:

       - Vitamin A (retinol). Improves vision, promotes normalization of the thyroid gland, and also relieves some symptoms of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, retinol improves the condition of the skin, leveling its surface and color,

       - Thiamine. A substance that contributes to the stabilization of the cardiovascular system,

       - Riboflavin. Provokes the production of hemoglobin, fights eye diseases and promotes the normal development of the fetus during pregnancy,

       - Niacin. Reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, which makes the oil especially useful for people suffering from diabetes or obesity,

       - Vitamin E (tocopherol). Prevents premature aging and cell death. It is due to the presence of tocopherol in the product that cedar oil is considered the elixir of youth,

       - Iodine, phosphorus, copper, magnesium and zinc. A sufficient number of these elements in the body ensures the improvement of metabolism and the normal functioning of the digestive organs,

       - Amino acids: histidine, arginine, asparagine, lysine, methionine, tryptophan and others. These substances are directly involved in protein synthesis. In addition, amino acids contribute to the toning of blood vessels, the removal of toxins and toxins from cells, and also provoke the burning of subcutaneous fat,

       - Polyunsaturated fats. Omega-3 helps to normalize blood pressure, improve brain activity, eliminate inflammatory processes and strengthen the immune system. Omega-6 strengthens cell membranes and provokes the synthesis of lecithin, which is the most important substance for the normal functioning of all systems of the human body.

       Cedar oil contains 898 calories per 100 ml of product. When used externally, cedar oil has the following effects:

       - Fights inflammation of any nature,

       - Soothes reddened and irritated skin,

       - Promotes the gradual elimination of traces of allergies,

       - Fights skin diseases: seborrhea, dermatitis, eczema, etc.,

       - Helps to tighten wounds,

       - When used on burns, accelerates their healing,

       - Moisturizes and nourishes the skin,

       - Softens and strengthens the hair, makes it thicker. In addition, the product fights baldness in the early stages,

       - Smoothes fine wrinkles,

       - Strengthens nails.

       When taken internally, cedar oil acts on the body as follows:

       - Contributes to the normalization of the circulatory and cardiovascular systems. Oleic acid, which is part of cedar oil, fights bad cholesterol. In addition, the product contains vitamin E, the use of which is an excellent prevention of thrombosis and atherosclerosis. It should also be noted that cedar oil helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increases the concentration of red blood cells in the body and normalizes blood pressure,

       - Accelerates the process of growth of new cells due to the content of linolenic acid in its composition,

       - Helps to cope with depressive states and chronic fatigue syndrome, normalizes sleep and raises the overall tone of the body,

       - Improves mental activity: increases concentration and the ability to memorize large amounts of information,

       - Prevent the deposition of radionuclides and heavy metals in the body due to the content of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in its composition. This is especially true for people working at harmful enterprises,

       - Has an antioxidant property: helps neutralize free radicals. A large accumulation in the body of the latter leads to the gradual destruction of healthy cells and premature aging,

       - Helps with colds: acute respiratory infections, bronchitis and others,

       - Strengthens the immune system,

       - Relieves the symptoms of cholecystitis, urolithiasis and other diseases of the genitourinary system,

       - With regular use reduces the likelihood of infertility, impotence and diabetes,

       - Helps with rheumatism and gout,

       - Helps to improve vision,

       - For women, it stabilizes the work of the reproductive organs, improves the condition of hair, nails and skin, removes accumulated deposits from the intestines, in pregnant women, the product improves the functioning of the baby's nervous system and has a positive effect on the formation of the organs of vision,

       - For men, it increases potency, lowers cholesterol, relieves stress, fights chronic fatigue, prevents baldness,

       - For children, a squeeze of pine nuts is a valuable source of vitamins, so the product is especially useful for a growing body, the remedy strengthens the child's immune system, increases resistance to seasonal diseases, helps to recover faster with a runny nose and cough, the oil helps to increase mental and physical activity.

       The use of cedar oil and the treatment of diseases:

       - Ulcers and gastritis,

       - Atherosclerosis,

       - Colds and infectious diseases,

       - Varicose veins,

       - Skin diseases,

       - Allergies,

       - Cardiovascular diseases,

       - Cedar oil is widely used in cosmetology, namely for the care of hair, nails, body and face skin.

       The main thing is not to abuse the product and in the presence of chronic diseases, always consult a doctor before using the product.

       Cedar sap.

       Cedar oleoresin contains:

       - Vitamin C,

       - Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids,

       - Terpene compounds,

       - Essential oils,

       - Micro and macro elements,

       - Phytoncides,

       - Alpha-pinene, which has antibacterial properties,

       - A-zest, which has an anti-inflammatory and antifungal effect.

       Among its properties can be distinguished:

       - The ability to bring down the fever with a cold,

       - Relieve inflammation,

       - Heal damaged areas of the skin faster,

       - Destruction of fungal microflora,

       - Antiparasitic properties.

       Cedar sap helps with diseases:

       - Gastrointestinal tract,

       - Respiratory system,

       - Heart and blood vessels,

       - Activates the immune system and increases the tone during the period of exhaustion of the body.

       Cedar oleoresin is effective in such diseases:

       - On the skin and mucous membranes with eczema, psoriasis, fungal lesions, ulcers, stomatitis,

       - In the organs of the gastrointestinal tract with gastritis, ulcers, intestinal disorders, colitis, pancreatitis, dyskinesia,

       - Immunodeficiency increases resistance to viruses, bacteria, fungi,

       - Genitourinary system in urolithiasis, prostatitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, pathologies of female and male genital organs of the nervous system after concussions, insomnia, neuroses, fatigue, chronic stress,

       - Endocrine system in diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism of the bone system in arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammatory processes in ligaments and muscles,

       - Hearts after myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, coronary heart disease,

       - Vessels with thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, atherosclerosis.

       Useful properties of cedar sap:

       - Anti-inflammatory, restorative. Helps to fight colds, improve immunity,

       - Antibacterial, antiseptic,

       - Improves metabolism (including fat metabolism),

       - Painkillers,

       - Antidepressant. Relieves fatigue, stress,

       - Healing. Resin improves the condition of the skin, promotes healing of wounds, ulcers, is actively used in cosmetology,

       - Absorbent. Removes toxic substances from the body and reduces their negative impact,

       - Antioxidant. The drug prevents cell mutation, helps in the prevention of cancer,

       - Improving the functioning of the brain.

       Direct deliveries from Russia from ecologically clean areas of the Urals and Siberia. Contact the head of the «Aruba Wellness Center» (Center for the Development of Health and Longevity) To Diomid Bashkinov and make a pre-order. The goods will be delivered within a month. For those who are interested, subscribe to the group in the telegram channel «Aruba Wellness Center»: https://t.me/+zxgiYAWdgL4xOGEy


       The head of the «Aruba Wellness Center» (Center for the Development of Health and Longevity), honorary member of the Prometheus research group Diomid Bashkinov.


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