17.02.2023 14:36

       Most recently, Svetlana, an employee of the emergency medical service of Yekaterinburg, asked me for help and told me what is happening in their team and how harassment and discrimination of employees who have their own opinion and respect themselves as a free person is going on. An egregious situation happened to her. According to her, for her independent personal opinion, some kind of cowardly creature, otherwise it cannot be called, either threw out her personal belongings, or stole from the rest room. Up to this point, Svetlana had applied to Ermak Media for information support. Here 's how they described the situation:

       «An employee of the Yekaterinburg ambulance substation addressed us to the editorial office with a request to expose the injustice against her. Svetlana has been working at the substation for 35 years. During her work, she has proven herself to be an honest, decent and responsible employee. So, in September, Svetlana's personal belongings disappeared from the rest room of the medical staff: a work uniform, a T-shirt, several pairs of shoes, clothes hangers and some other personal belongings. Having discovered the loss, the woman turned to the management of the substation, with a request to view the recordings from the surveillance cameras. However, I did not find support in the eyes of the management. She was cynically refused.

       The victim contacted the police. But I didn't find any support there either. She was twice refused to initiate criminal proceedings on the fact of theft of personal belongings. The management skillfully covers the «right» employees. After conducting her simple investigation, Svetlana figured out the persons involved in the theft of her belongings. Even if the damage is not great, more like hooliganism, but a woman will have to buy a uniform at her own expense, as well as shoes. By the way, the uniform belongs to the ambulance substation, but somehow magically by the time of its abduction it turned out to be decommissioned. Thus, no damage has been done to the NSR. Otherwise, the substation would have had to write a statement to the police about the theft of property. After several months of going through the torments and experiencing all the charms of a bureaucratic society, our heroine was left, in fact, with nothing - without a uniform, personal belongings, her right to an honest investigation and an impartial court, not to mention compensation for damages. No one is caught, no one is punished».

       Source: https://ermak-media.com/articles/society/dedovshchina_v_meditsine_po_uralski_/

       I took a short interview with Svetlana to understand whether the laws work in Russia and how law enforcement agencies help ordinary people who are in a difficult situation. Of course, many may object and say, well, what's wrong with that, well, personal belongings were stolen or thrown away, people are robbed and killed here, and you are with your problems. I will object to this in response, it is with such trifles that the big problems begin. As they say in the army:

       «From an unbuttoned collar, to a military crime is one step».

       At first, a bad person throws away personal belongings with impunity for himself or steals them, mocking the victim and feeling his impunity, then the psychological harassment of the employee begins.

       - Svetlana, what do you think could have prompted this entity to such a situation? Surely there must be a reason for these actions?

       - I have always been and am an independent person with self-respect for myself and, of course, for the people around me. I have always strictly followed the letter of the law and the Constitution of the Russian Federation. I have always complied with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and demanded the same from the leadership. Defended her interests in the circle of employees.

       - It turns out that you, by your behavior and attitude to work, clearly followed the instructions, which greatly hindered your leadership? And I will make an assumption, in our country, I hope, it is still possible to have the opportunity to express your point of view and different versions? Although who knows. We all walk under God. Someone from above, perhaps, gave an unspoken order to start harassment?

       - Yes, I agree with your version. Perhaps it is. And the harassment began. Now someone has thrown my things out of the rest room with impunity for themselves, or perhaps stolen them. He or she acted cowardly, acting surreptitiously. What will follow in the future, I do not know. Maybe they will plant some illegal substance in my personal belongings to get rid of me, maybe they will insult me, maybe they will use physical violence. I can't say anything. They can do anything to get me out. Everything can be.

       - OK. You have discovered the loss of things. You could have approached the management and asked to see the security cameras, right? If the leadership has nothing to do with it, then I don't see any reason for refusing to find the scoundrel, but if the scoundrel fulfilled the unspoken order of his leadership, then most likely it will interfere with this in every way? Well, for example, will he refuse to view the video, and then, after certain deadlines, referring to some kind of order or instruction, will delete this record from the hard disk? What could be easier than watching the cameras?

       - Yes, I did so first of all, hoping to find understanding in the search and the definition of a vandal, but alas, I was refused. I can't understand why they refused. It wasn't the manager himself, I hope, who threw away or stole my things to hide this video from me? These are questions that have remained unanswered and one can only make assumptions. I received a written response from the ambulance management that they would not let me watch the recording from the cameras, but then the question arises, why? Is this an attempt to hide the culprit? Some questions and strange behavior of the bosses. On the contrary, they should be interested in detecting a negligent employee who created a conflict from scratch. It is advantageous for them not to make the situation public, but no, they act as if they are trying to protect someone?

       - I am not an interested person, and then, having analytical ability and critical thinking, I immediately saw the motive and interest in refusing to show the video from the cameras. And they also tell society something about the "Smart City", "Big Brother" and artificial intelligence, which guarantees the safety of citizens. Depending on which hands such technologies are in, this will be the effect. The question is, before introducing something like this, it is necessary first to educate society in the understanding of Good and evil, honesty and meanness. Well, okay, I'll stop in my philosophical arguments about the future, what followed next? Surely the management has no right to deny police officers access to filming from surveillance cameras? Have you written a statement to the Ministry of Internal Affairs? Were they able to get these records? After all, there is nothing easier than to watch the shooting and come out on an empty spot to the «criminal», as they say, «break the stick» and get a promotion, an award, a commendation or a new title?

       - You are absolutely right. That's what I did. I submitted the first application to the police with a request to view the footage from the CCTV cameras, but was stunned that the police approached everything formally and perhaps did not even watch this shooting, or maybe the ambulance management refused to view it. It's anyone's guess. They made a request for access to the materials of CCTV cameras 4 months later, but there is still no response on the initiation of an administrative case. I was in shock. What could be easier to find a bad person on the cameras, because we were so painted about the benefits of video surveillance for us. You have to understand me. Perhaps the person who started my harassment is at work, and I see him every day, greet him, behave affably. He smiles at me, and does nasty things behind his back. Of course, I want to know exactly who it is?

       - What followed next?

       - A little time passed, and I again turned for help to those who are obliged to protect ordinary citizens and again wrote a statement to the police, asking them to initiate an administrative case and find the vandal in hot pursuit. And again, the refusal. I can't understand why they didn't watch the video? Why don't they tell me the name of the one who bullied me? The first thought was that it might be a collusion of the police and the ambulance administration? Or maybe someone from my management did it or on his orders? Well, if they don't provide a video, then someone is involved from the top? After all, if a possible criminal is found, he will give away the one who asked him to throw out or steal my things during the interrogation?

       - What happened then? Is it possible to contact the prosecutor's office, the supervisory authority, which is obliged to monitor the inaction of the law enforcement system?

       - Naturally, when I realized that the police couldn't do anything, I turned to the prosecutor's office for help. Maybe they will make them «move»? I just need nothing to know who started sneering at me cowardly, acting surreptitiously and stabbing me in the back. The police officers did not interrogate the suspects, did not view the video from the surveillance cameras, that is, they may have «let the case down on the brakes». The Prosecutor's Office, as a supervisory authority, replied that police officers would be disciplined for inaction.

       - There really is, at least stand, at least fall. What will you do next?

       - I will have to go to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and write a complaint there. I won't leave it like that. I will continue to contact the media, although I see that many are afraid to cover the situation with me. I already just want to know the name of my abuser. I have worked in the ambulance for 35 years, but this is the first time I have encountered such harassment, such an attitude.

       That was the end of the interview. Well, basically I understood what happened. A person who values himself as a person, behaves independently, observes all the laws of the Labor Code and has his own point of view on the ongoing processes, began to be pressured. Judging by the non-logical behavior of the ambulance management, which consists in refusing to provide a recording from surveillance cameras to the victim to determine a possible vandal or thief, their pathological fear in the search for the truth indicates that perhaps the management itself initiated a similar situation? It was a question. Since the police, according to one of the versions, did not view this record and did not allow the victim to view it, refusing to initiate an administrative case, then there is an assumption that someone from the ambulance management is on a «good foot» with these law enforcement officers? Why the prosecutor's office did not insist on finding the perpetrators is unclear to me. Do they really have no interest in helping a person in such perfectly formed circumstances, where a possible criminal can be detected once or twice? It is enough just to watch the video. Well, as a logical conclusion of everything, a simple question arises in connection with these actions to those who are obliged to help people who are in a difficult situation:

       «And why do we, honest and law-abiding citizens, need surveillance cameras at every step? Do we need a «Big Brother» watching us? Won't such cameras be used against people in the future and for the benefit of all sorts of people who are not «clean in hand»? And as the culmination of everything, seeing such impunity and permissiveness, will the suspect cross the illegal limits of the law, using sadistic methods, and possibly physical influence? And what will happen to the victim if he starts defending himself in a desperate situation? Who will answer in case of self-defense, if the state withdraws? Why does the law enforcement system refuse to help ordinary citizens who pay taxes to be protected and their rights protected?».


Personal evaluative and subjective opinion of Valery Sivokon.


Александр из Германии 17.02.2023, 14:56
Вот другое дело. Репост с меня. Фамилии руководителей в студию. Будем ждать их, когда они приедут в Европу или Турцию отдыхать, там им и зададим вопросы о том, почему они любят дискриминацию независимых людей?
Гарик 17.02.2023, 20:33
Будет продолжение этой ситуации? Надо бы указать имя руководителя, который такую нервозную ситуацию создаёт на работе и не способен навести порядок и прекратить вакханалию? Неужели непонятно, что это подло выкидывать чужие вещи, да ещё втихаря и ещё хуже, если их возможно своровали? Как говорят, рыба гниёт с головы. Если подобное происходит в коллективе, значит руководитель не те приоритеты расставляет. Как можно лечить людей, ожидая, что в любую секунду негодяй может безнаказанно сотворить в очередной раз с новой жертвой?
Казак Уральский 19.02.2023, 13:03
Это хорошо. Сейчас хоть за рубежом сумеют понять, какая дискриминация ведётся в отношение честной женщины.
Инга 21.02.2023, 12:17
А, кто у нас власть? ОПГ... Вряд ли что то изменится в отношении женщины . Сами руководители покрывают ущербных особей, которые захотели самоутвердиться, показать свою "власть" надсмотрщиков. И у них это получилось( за широкой спиной АДминистрации). Тоесть по сути совершена кража на предприятии. И никто за это не ответил и уже вряд-ли. Прошло 5 месяцев со дня пропажи вещей. Обращение в полицию "доблестную" без движения.
Марина ⇒ Инга21.02.2023, 19:11
Сейчас вседозволенность и упыри пришли в систему управления. Но их время уходит. Я уверена, что сейчас все вурдалаки ответят сполна. Не они сами, так их дети.
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