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02.05.2022 21:09

       Not long ago, after the release of a number of videos on the Urals and the island of Aruba, there was an attempt to block all films related to research activities and the hypothesis of existence pre- flood and underground civilization on our planet. I did not make mistake, Earth was ours, and not those who captured it, but their future is already leaving. Dawn has come and the time of positive vibrations, because it is no secret to anyone that the Schumann frequency on Earth has increased and the resonance has reached 60 Hertz. On the planet, only about 20% of living beings correspond to a sharply increased energy! The frequency of the brain is equal to the Schumann frequency. The frequencies of the Earth are related to us. With the absolute coincidence of the Schumann frequency and the frequency of the brain, a person receives not only self-healing, but also additional - capabilities, like clairvoyance and telekinesis. Until the 1980s, this frequency was constant and equal to approximately 7 Hertz, and then, unexpectedly for everyone, it began to grow. There was a big jump in 2012. Thus, humanity began to receive Gamma waves with a frequency of about 60 Hertz. Only a trained brain can withstand such a frequency in a constant mode. The earth is going through a phase transformation - it is changing, lowering magnetism and increasing vibration.  In fact, there is a quantum transition of the earth into its new state, which cannot be sustained by those who create evil on the planet, well, and their performers.

       On the island of Aruba, beautiful divi-divi trees grow with twisted trunks, which indicates a strong geopathic field of the island, an anomalous zone with a huge surge of energy. Someone may object that this is such a special type of vegetation and there is nothing strange about it, but alas, I will upset the skeptics:

       «Being determines consciousness».

       What a powerful energy exists on the island, this type of flora and fauna is present. You will not deny that “similar” trees grow in the Urals with twisted trunks or with an incredible number of trunks. And this is the influence of the strongest geopathogenic zone with energy splashes from underground. In one of the expeditions, near the cave of the Sorcerer, a strange tree was discovered, standing alone among ordinary other trees. By the way, due to incomprehensible mystical events, our expedition suffered a complete fiasco and had to be urgently curtailed, but we will talk about this in another article.

       Let's look at a small collage and compare these trees.

       This is a small digression from our main theme. We have come to the conclusion about the existence on our planet of an antediluvian and underground civilization, which most likely exists to this day. The main version was put forward by our friend and independent researcher Mikhail Kuznetsov, it was according to his hypothesis and our small additions that these videos were made. Research on this topic is carried out by our friend, an independent researcher Diomid Bashkinov, who lives in Boston, with the support of businessmen and patrons of Omar-Steve and Christopher Lejuez of Aruba.

       What interested us at the very beginning? In this narrative, for greater convenience, we will use the traditional dating of eras and the data of official academic pseudoscience, which is trying by any means to hide or obstruct any independent opinion that contradicts their knowledge, kindly provided to society. After all, a different opinion and correctly asked questions easily break the whole structure of our ideas about past civilizations.  After spending a lot of time, we could not find anything from the official historical data on the island of Aruba, only short lines about tourism. But this cannot be, at least based on the history of the island, and this is neither more nor less, but 95 million years ago. Here is what the official information from Wikipedia says:

       «The origin of Aruba is associated with volcanic activity 90-95 million years ago».

       Really for so long on the island there was no civilization capable of changing our understanding of the world? Of course, this cannot be, or all the artifacts are well hidden from humanity, but we'll talk about this a little lower. We were first of all intrigued by the original name of these islands, and it was rather unusual. Let's turn again to our beloved Wikipedia and see:

       «The Dutch Leeward Islands were discovered by the Spaniards in 1499. The Spaniards called the islands «Isles of the Giants» (Spanish Islas de los Gigantes), as the local population was taller than them».

       And now stop. We re-read it again and make sure that the islands at that very moment were called by the Spaniards the islands of the Giants, and the word Giants is written with a capital letter. What can it say? Only about one thing, the discoverers, if they can still be called that, were not just amazed at the growth of the indigenous population, but shocked, since they made an emphasis, highlighting the word Giants with a capital letter. But who are they and how much could their height exceed the height of a modern person? This is the main question of our time. Where could the giants appear on the island of Aruba in the era of the Spanish navigators, provided that the island was formed 95 million years ago? Many nations have preserved myths about the ancient beautiful land on which «Paradise» was built. Homer described Arctida as a highly developed civilization with its residents - giants. Their height was 2,5 meters. That is why the Spanish navigators named these islands as the islands of the Giants, highlighting the capital letter. They were half the size of the native population. And here is how Pliny Sr., an ancient Roman scholar-writer, describes Hyperborea and its inhabitants:

       «Civilization lives near the Arctic Circle, has its own culture and is outwardly similar to the Hellenes. The Hyperboreans are a happy people, living to a decrepit age, having amazing legends. There the sun does not set below the horizon for six months. The whole country is flooded with sunshine. Favorable climate, no cold wind. Groves and forests serve as dwellings for people. They do not know disease, strife, hatred. A person dies only when he is fed up with life».

       I understand that many will not fully understand what has to do with Hyperborea with its giant inhabitants and the island of Aruba. Here it is necessary to correctly ask the question, what could push the ancestors of the Proto-Slavic civilization for their migration to the North and South continents of America, populating the islands along the way? Here are just a few versions:

       - development of new lands,

       - global climate change and the search for better areas for living,

       - space war using nuclear or similar weapons during the invasion of our planet by alien invaders.

       And what is interesting, when studying stone artifacts on the island of Aruba, it was found that many of them have black soot and melting from all sides, as if they were exposed to high temperatures, no less, we managed to find something similar in the Urals near the Shaman's cave.

       If such an assumption is made, then accordingly, somewhere nearby there should be a "funnel" of round diameter. But where is she? To do this, you need to study a Google map from a satellite in order to find a semblance of a circle left from the use of some powerful weapon that scattered all the stones, including the entrances to underground shelters, but more on that in another part of our research. Only with an enlarged scale can you find it, and even with a kind of «eye», a bit like the "eye" of the Sahara. The diameter of the "funnel" reaches about 180 meters, the diameter of the «eye» is approximately 45 meters.

       For a rough comparison, consider the «eye» of the Sahara, whose diameter is unimaginably larger and reaches approximately 50 kilometers. Imagine what a powerful weapon it was that turned the flowering edge of Africa into a desert. The «funnel» of Aruba is simply miniature compared to the «eye» of the Sahara, but the tasks of the alien invaders were most likely different. By the way, according to official academic pseudoscience, education in the Sahara has a natural feature and arose about 600 million years ago. Here I will not make screenshots and will only give a link to the source.

       For a better understanding when comparing, let's make a collage.

       As is known from the official academic pseudoscience, the Spaniards discovered the islands of the Giants in 1499. Scientists carefully hide such data, and even more so facts, but they began to hide this from the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th centuries. Until that time, until the dark forces seized science under their control, it developed according to the found artifacts and logical ideas about the world that existed at one time, in parallel with our modern humanity. Engraving from the book "Mundus subterraneus" (Underworld) by the scientist Athanasius Kircher, 1665. The author clearly shows the size of the giants, whose skeletons were found in Europe and Asia. Translation of signatures from largest to smallest:

       - a giant found by the writer Boccaccio on the island of Sicily,

       - a giant from Mauritania,

       - swiss giant,

       - Goliath,

       - a common person.

       In the 17th century, science did not hide or deny the existence of giants, but everything has changed just recently.

       In the issue of August 23, 1896, the New York Journal published an article detailing the existence of ancient giants:

       «In 1868, during excavations, they came across traces of marsh birds, then at a depth of 5 meters they found the bones of a mastodon, and then traces that aroused much more interest and discussion. Several hundred human footprints made in soft clay many thousands of years ago in world history and preserved thanks to the overlying metamorphic rock. The prints are 53 centimeters long».

       Further in the article, we are talking about the discovery of a trace 73 centimeters long. Do you think they have been studied? Buried back. Please note that we are talking about footprints found in clay. Do you think we did not find any similar footprints on the island of Aruba? Ha, yes, only in our case on a molten stone, but more on that below. In order to have more weighty arguments in defense of this version of the island of Aruba and the giants inhabiting it, it is necessary to carefully study the underworld and carry out excavations at a depth of at least 7 meters.

       We just stopped at the footprints left in the melting stone found on the island of Aruba, although the print looks more like a foot in the sole of a shoe. We managed to find two similar stones.

       For some, this will not be enough, well, here's another similar stone for you and again an imprint in the sole.

       Well, of course, skeptics will object what kind of imprint this is. It's just that the rock melted. But why did he melt? I like to support all my hypotheses and versions only with facts discovered in another territory and by other researchers. Here is one of the many examples when the church passes off “this miracle” as traces of saints and people canonized in Christianity, but the official academic pseudoscience tries to pass off “this creation” as a miracle of nature.  None of them, under any circumstances, are willing to admit that before us there was a highly developed human civilization of giants, destroyed from the outside, and the invaders of our planet are currently trying to repeat what they did many millennia ago and remove humanity from the earth as an unnecessary biological species. Traces of human feet pressed into the stone, found on the territory of the Chersonese Museum-Reserve (Sevastopol), representatives of the Crimean diocese of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate and the Sevastopol deanery attributed to the traces of the Apostle Andrew.  The results of the forensic and medical examinations say that this is a left footprint, with a high probability of a human, barefoot with five fingers, size 38. The footprint is pressed into the stone and is not a natural creation. Now, I hope you understand that the forensic experts themselves delivered a verdict that:

       «The footprint is not a natural creation».

       In 1976 a book by Thomas Andrews «We are not the first» was published in London. In it, the author reports that in 1968, William Meister saw in the state of Utah, USA, at the site of a rock fracture, two clear imprints of shoe soles. At the same time, the back of the imprint with a heel mark, I emphasize again, with a heel mark, is deeper, as it should be in accordance with the distribution of gravity when walking. What am I thinking again? Do not make me laugh.

       A stone near the village of Lesniki is not the only unique find made in Lidchin. Another tracer stone, but smaller (about 0.5 meters), with life-size embossing of a woman's foot, is today in the village of Bobry near the Holy Cross Church. Footprints are found all over the world. Here are some more examples. An imprint of a boot protector in sandstone was found in the Gobi desert, which is estimated to be 10 million years old. If someone did not understand the first time, the boot protector print dates back 10 million years ago. The Soviet writer A. Kazantsev wrote about this. A similar imprint was found in limestone blocks in the state of Nevada (USA). In 1930, near Basharst, Australia, jasper miners often found fossilized imprints of huge human feet. Just think about it, tracer stones are tens of millions of years old. In the same place in Australia, many traces of giants were found. Just our case. After all, even Wikipedia says that the Spaniards did not call the islands for nothing - the islands of the Giants. In 1979, in Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains, locals found a huge stone sticking out above the surface of the stream, on which one could see the imprint of part of a huge foot with five fingers. The transverse size of the fingers was 17 centimeters! Such prints could be left by a person 6 meters tall.

       Near Malgoa, three huge footprints 60 centimeters long were found at once. The giant's stride length was 130 centimeters. Footprints were preserved in the petrified lava for millions of years, long before Homo sapiens appeared on the Australian continent. Huge footprints are also found in the limestone bed of the Upper Maclay River. The fingerprints of these footprints are 10 centimeters long and the width of the foot is 25 centimeters. You can even crack, providing these facts to official academic pseudoscience, but they will deny everything with “donkey” stubbornness, proving to us that two plus two equals five. In 1932, fossilized human footprints were discovered by a local ranger in White Sands, New Mexico. Their length was 55 centimeters. Thirty footprints stretched out in an even chain of a man calmly going about his business. The same find was made in 1982 near Carson, Nevada. In the early 1930s, 20 kilometers southeast of Beria, Kentucky, USA, geology professor Dr. Wilbur Burrow and his colleague William Finnel discovered human footprints on fossilized sandstone in Carboniferous rock layers.

       Twelve tracks 23 centimeters long and 15 centimeters wide - in the area of spread out fingers - 15 centimeters looked like someone walked barefoot on wet sand, which subsequently hardened and petrified. And he petrified, by all geological standards, no later than 250 million years ago. Just think about the dating, the numbers vary by millions of years. In 1983, in Turkmenistan, scientists found prints of a human foot on a stone next to a three-toed dinosaur footprint. The age of the volcanic lava in which these traces remained is about 15 million years. In 1988, the Soviet magazine Vokrug Sveta published a report that similar prints were found in the Kurgatan Reserve, located in the Chardjou region of Turkmenistan, most of all resembling traces of a bare foot of a person or some kind of humanoid creature.  The length of the print is 26 centimeters. The age of the traces, according to scientists, is at least 150 million years. There were similar finds in other regions, in particular, in Slovakia. At the same time, it should be emphasized that in no case were traces of «hands» found near the traces of «legs». In 1979, the archaeologist Fili discovered in Tanzania on a volcanic lava frozen about 4 million years ago many footprints of a human foot. The study of the most highly professional specialists showed that these prints are indistinguishable from the prints of the feet of a modern person. Could this mean that once our modern human civilization, as we know it now, quietly existed side by side with other giant civilizations, underground inhabitants, «fabulous» characters who came to us from legends and myths:

       - gnomes,

       - elves,

       - centaurs,

       - goblin,

       - kikimora,

       - brownies, and so on.

       And finally, an extreme reproduction of a footprint, which, in my opinion, is identical with the footprints found on the stone of the island of Aruba.

       Why not our case? Let's take a look and compare these photos together to somehow evaluate them.

       Undoubtedly, it is necessary to study this version more seriously and establish it as true, or disprove it, but not only it, but also hundreds of similar facts scattered around the world will have to be refuted.


By Valery Sivokon.

Translated by Diomid Bashkinov.

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