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       Information on this topic came through a lucid dream from the ancient Slavic god Veles. Some may agree with her, some may not. But it is not presented here to stir up arguments about the truth. Everyone has their own worldview and everyone sees the truth in their own way. This is just one of the versions. It is not imposed on anyone, but perhaps it will help someone to understand this issue.

       «The branches are frozen over the water, and the path leads to the forest. The moon has appeared in the sky, and the stars have shone, and somewhere ahead a fire is burning. The bonfire is frolicking at the cliff. And the stones pile up. As if the rites will be held in the ancient altar. And the ancient faces appeared on the stones. But who lit the fire here? Suddenly there was a crunch in the windfall, and a bear came out on the trail. He goes straight to that wall, and his fur is in some kind of radiance. He stood up on his hind legs and roared. And in an instant, as if, dissolved. The translucent figure melted completely. But what is it? The long shadows from the fire suddenly danced like a whirlwind, and in this dance the figure appeared again. But this is not a bear at all. A huge bearded man in a long fur coat, as in ancient fairy tales, embroidered with stones and river pearls. And he has a huge staff in his hand.

       - Ah, hello! a mighty voice thundered. - Here's a chance to see again. And Veles the ancient decided to tell you something again. So, listen to what I want to tell you now. There used to be times. Everyone knew that in every blade of grass there is a living spirit, that in a moth and a bee there is a living spirit, that in a grain and in an ant, in a flower and in a mighty oak, and in a stone overgrown with moss there is a living spirit. And in each person, there is a living spirit. And they knew before, in the old days, that only the spirit keeps everything always, and if it wasn't for him, then there wouldn't be a blade of grass and an ant, and an oak, and a boulder by a mountain stream, and a man, too.

       All these are just forms, clothes for spirits that are eternal. The whole world that you see is only the clothes of the true world, so it is all temporary, changeable, and forms, sometimes, change each other like that. There is nothing in the world that would be permanent. And why? Yes, because everything you see is just a temporary form, and the essence is always inside. Artless, simple concepts in nature! The world is simple, truly it is simple! But it is so simple that it seems difficult for you. The more immersed in the form consciousness tries to understand the whole world and its form, the more difficult it is to understand. It is difficult for you, because you live in a temporary form and accept it as the truth and essence. Awareness through the form you are in now is what is called mind.

       In this case, I call your physical body a form. I'll have to speak your dead, cloth, as they say, language. After all, you have forgotten the imagery of thinking, and the images will understand everything straightforwardly, and then prove in general what I meant. So, many of you, in general, when talking about yourself and other people and beings, just mean the shape of the body, the face, the figure, habits, character, manner of behavior. But again, there is more corporeal in these images, and what is not corporeal is still represented by signs of the body. Speaking of yourself, how many of you mean your soul? Speaking of others, how many of you mean their souls embodied in their bodies? You don't even ask yourself such questions. In everyday life, in everyday life, you still see yourself as a body, and only sometimes, thinking about God or something related to religion, you remember that somewhere you must have a soul. You must have. That is, you have a body, and you have a soul somewhere out there. That's what's going on.

       Even the most religious people in this case continue to remain materialists. Is it bad? And you will answer these questions yourself when I finish my story. Of course, a rude materialist will generally deny the existence of a soul, and will imagine himself only as a body, and all his desires, emotions and experiences are the result of brain reactions to stimuli and also the result of chemical processes in his blood, processes occurring with hormones, and the work of various organs of the body. But believers also remain semi-materialists. They still consider themselves a body, but they also admit the presence of a soul somewhere there. No one and nowhere in the majority will say that I am a spirit or a soul, and have a body. Immediately the thought of the deceased will come to you, because they are spirits or souls. According to your ideas, spirits can only be disembodied. So, who are you? Again, to this question, you are more inclined to answer that you are a body more than a spirit. Even very «advanced» sages and philosophers, according to your concepts, trying to understand this idea and finally looking for the very truth, for some reason begin to build the most complex schemes and constructions. For some reason, the simplest answer that «I am the soul, I am the spirit» baffles them. Well, all this does not fit in the brain, in the mind. And, precisely because they are trying to put it all in the mind and process it with the brain.

       But the finite cannot contain the infinite! Limited bodily perception cannot imagine itself as limitless, trying to do this, it begins to build the most complex schemes, overloading everything even more, and becoming entangled in its constructions. What am I talking about? And I'm talking about how many wise people, without breaking away from their bodily representation, begin to think about what the soul really should be. And what are they concocting? And what is very often written in your «smart» books. They cannot in any way realize themselves and feel the spirit, and therefore they say that they are just a small consciousness, either generated by the soul, or generated in general by the brain and its biological processes. And the soul, they say, is also there, but it's somewhere out there. She supposedly is the teacher of this little consciousness; she is the so-called «higher self». Some wise men, in addition, can still come up with a lot of intermediate states, dividing the concepts of spirit, soul, «higher self», monad, etc., etc., building intricate schemes of their interaction with the small consciousness of the personality of this last incarnation, completely merged with the body. Some people begin to think that the soul or the «higher self» does not incarnate at all, but is, as it were, a personal teacher of the person incarnated.

       Thus, the concept of helpers leading the soul along the path to this soul itself is substituted. But then who is she leading? Who are you yourself? A small person who lives once and disintegrates into dust, into a vacuum forever, for the sake of getting some strange mythical experience of that non-incarnating soul? Why does she get experience in such a strange way, through third hands, as you say, and not personally, why can't she go through everything herself, get experience, and be responsible for it herself? Because it is ideal according to the ideas of those who build similar schemes of the structure of souls. But then why would she need any experience at all?

       «For something out there that is not clear in our world», - this will be the answer of the majority of adherents of this theory.

       And then who is reincarnated? Who then works out karma for the sins of this incarnation? But such questions are unacceptable for followers of the theory of the impeccable «higher self». For their little, naughty personality in life, all the information will be written off by a non-incarnating soul and will transfer it to a new form that it will create for incarnation. It turns out that one is to blame, and the other is to answer. Or the «higher self» is to blame, but for some reason it is again on the sidelines and, like a strict teacher, trains a new, created little personality for the misdeeds of another little personality, discarded as a mistake. You see, that's exactly how the soul itself, which is hanging somewhere in the subtle world, gets experience by constantly creating and destroying small personalities - consciousness of bodies, of which there can be a lot, and living in parallel in different countries and even worlds. And after all, they speculate about this. And according to this theory, the one who considers himself a small person, the impulse of a certain «higher self» is simply the same materialists who have nowhere and no reason to strive and improve themselves.

       «Their experience is so small in the development of the «higher self» that other similar manifestations of it will make up for everything. And maybe you will also need an erroneous experience», - so many can count and continue to burn their lives in vices and the pursuit of material things.

       After all, this little person has practically nothing in the body except the body, and according to this theory there is nothing. And besides her worthless only material life of the body. This is what such supposedly high-minded theories lead to in the end, planted by the gates of humanity, trying to turn souls away from spiritual self-improvement. There is a slightly different, but close theory about this «higher self». She was born to those who thought:

       «If these little personalities are not destroyed and are not created by the soul, then what happens to them? Maybe they are the ones who reincarnate, earn and work out karma, receiving retribution for their bad deeds in past incarnations themselves? But all the same, they are watched and guided by an unchanging teacher - the «higher self» of their real infallible and perfect soul as an Absolute, because she is his hologram or a drop or a particle and created in the likeness of God».

       This theory inspires pride in some, gives crutches to others and false hope that their «higher self» will pull them out everywhere, help them and will forever protect them like a baby, forgiving many mistakes. Pride is born in the fact that some people begin to realize their «higher self» - the most perfect and perfect, as the true self. And there is truth in this. But the great lie is that it is the «higher self» of their being - flawless and perfect, like a copy of the Absolute, like Him. Where did such wisdom come from? I have already said that the main reason is the inability to realize the true self through flawed concepts of the mind, limited by the physical matter of the body. And the second and most insidious comes when the mind gives up for a moment, and a person gets a glimmer of insight. That they say - yes, he is a spirit, a soul, and not a body. But immediately the mind takes everything back into its nets, and ego, or rather pride, enters the arena.

       A person who has realized himself as a Soul immediately remembers that the soul is a particle of God and that it is like God, that everything is created in the likeness. This corrosive statement, partly true and partly false for the physical worlds, of one insidious book instantly strikes the consciousness. It was it that gave rise to the image of that «higher self» - flawless and perfect, like the Absolute itself, like God. Sometimes, being afraid of pride that he realized himself to be an infallible God or his particle, the mind begins the construction of these «wonderful» constructions of the «higher self» separate from the incarnations and the body and the small consciousness of the body. And if he is not aware of pride, he will simply get megalomania, starting to realize himself as an infallible and perfect divine spark, despite negative emotions and actions. At the same time, he is actually gaining low-frequency energies with this pride and performing heavy deeds under the influence of pride. And it all comes down to one great stumbling block! Namely, that the soul, the «higher self» is a part or hologram of God.

       And if God is perfect and omnipotent, then she is also like that. That is why the wise cannot move away from this «higher self» in any way, because sometimes they still realize that they themselves are not perfect and omnipotent. But it is precisely this perfection and the primordial perfection of the «higher self» and of God himself that is the greatest stumbling block of all seekers! All the perfection of the soul within this framework is reduced in this wisdom only to obtaining some experience obtained in physical incarnations. Like, more and more experience, already perfect and omnipotent. But why, if he is perfect?

       «But because it's necessary».

       No one asks the question that if experience is still needed for something, then it means that the one who needs it is not so perfect. And the «higher self» means not perfect. Since experience is needed from your incarnations. And if this «higher self» is a particle of God, then God is not perfect! But for many of you, this is a catastrophe, blasphemy, sacrilege and the fear of God. The knowledge that the Absolute, the very God who is the world and the universe is also developing, improving, has been taken away from you for a very long time by the great fear of God, and in all religions, even where the fear of God is not mentioned. Everywhere the gates have managed to put into your minds a childish image of the almighty and perfect Creator, the Absolute, the Universe or the perfect nature of being. You all, they say, are improving, striving for His perfection, but it is unattainable. And why is it unattainable? Because you are so small and insignificant, even though you will improve all your lives billions of billions of times? And here it is not.

       This is because the ultimate perfection itself does not exist! Everything is infinitely improving, including the world as a whole, which is the Universe, and is the Absolute, and is God. I am not talking here, I am not distracted, about the fact that many of you do not consider God to be the Universe at all, but a kind of perfect ruler of the Universe, which is another great stumbling block on the path of the development of the spirit. So, exactly, it is not the ability to see and feel through a crude body suit and the idea of a perfect almighty God and his likenesses that make many of you, in search of truth, wallow in the unthinkable complexity of the scheme of the structure of the Universe and souls. The natural living processes of the universe and the properties of the ether, thus, begin to line up in your minds in some great hierarchies of subordination, or seniority of spirits, up to a certain tree of Sephiroth from Kabbalah and various complex spheres of the universe that have nothing to do with reality. And the structures of fractals are closest to this reality of worlds in the ether of the Universe. The same goes for the showers.

       Many of you share in your own way the concepts of spirit, soul and monad. I will not touch on your ideas. Those who have them will understand for themselves. I will try to simply explain these concepts to you, without stepping on those very cornerstones, like the omnipotence and perfection of the Creator, and hence his original manifestations. So, without sticking into this false truth, we can say that everything in the world is spirits. The Spirit is the Absolute itself. The universe of stars and planets that you see is his, the Absolute, physical body. Every galaxy and star, planet, every stone, every atom and particle have a spirit. But the elements also have a spirit, fire and water, in general, and there are spirits of individual reservoirs and mountains, seas and oceans.

       Every manifested and non-manifested being has a spirit. And to be more precise, they themselves are spirits, and not they have! What you call a galaxy or a planet, a stone or an atom, a plant, an animal, an earthly person or an intelligent representative of other civilizations and worlds - these are the bodies of spirits embodied physically. In fact, everything is spirits. It's just that they have the same body shapes in your density, and in other worlds in terms of density and vibrations, they have different ones. So, in the more subtle, invisible to your worlds, spirits also live.

       And for you it is more understandable, because you do not see their bodies, for you they are disembodied. But there, at home, in their worlds, they have bodies and forms of existence in that matter, as you do in your matter. That is, leaving the bodies, you are spirits, and being in the bodies, you are spirits. Leaving your grosser bodies of your world, you find yourself in the finer bodies of the world you enter, for example, when the physical body dies. But at the same time, you are still spirits, wherever you are, and in whatever forms. The concept of «soul» means the same thing - spirit, only it says that this spirit has many shell bodies, in addition to the shell of your gross physical world, thanks to which it can exist in the world that you call the afterlife or pass and manifest in other worlds of the universe. These bodies, shells or energy cocoons that the spirit has, are worked out personally by him during all his incarnations, and not only in this one last manvantara. All these developments are preserved with the spirit as its qualities forever. The soul is the monad, as it was called in the East. A separate «higher self» has nothing to do with it at all.

       It is a pure invention of the mind that cannot understand being. Without these shell bodies, there can only be a grain of spirit. Thus, it is born from the Absolute in the first manvantara of creation. And then, developing, it builds up shells and becomes a soul. But if the soul makes a fall, greatly lowering its vibrations by heavy actions, then the shells are destroyed. If it falls sharply into the consciousness of the anti-world at all, then all its shells become wrong, so the soul becomes an anti-soul or a black spirit. It is almost impossible to get the shells back. So, this is practically the death of the soul. During the Night of Brahma, such black spirits are processed by the ether of the Absolute to the natural original state of the Spirit grain. And this is the final death of the soul.

       The grain of the spirit will have to build up its shells from scratch again and become a soul. The seed of the spirit is impersonal, it is not aware of itself. And only the presence of shells or subtle bodies gives self-consciousness of the soul as a person, but at the same time generates an ego, overcoming which the soul improves further. Therefore, no «super ego» or «higher self» exists as a part of the Soul or as a super personality. Each soul is self-sufficient and developed as much as it has developed itself, from the impersonal grain of the Spirit. And if she became a Deity or a Teacher, this is only her personal merits and personal path, as well as if she managed to turn into a demon or an anti-soul. Everyone was given equal conditions; all the grains of the spirit were the same age and were sprayed at the beginning of the first manvantara. They are all the same age - 32 and a half manvantars. Since now there are 33 manvantatras. This is the great justice of the Absolute. But, incarnating once again in a physical body, each soul is limited by the capabilities of the brain of this body in order to pass the exam for spontaneous action without knowledge of past lessons. After all, it is the spontaneous action that speaks about the essence of the soul, and not the non-doing of any bad deeds only because of the memory of what happened in the past.

       The latter is not a change in the essence of the soul. It's just a device. When memory is blocked by the brain, the exam passes and only the pure essence of the soul is revealed. Will she be able to be tempted into vices again or not, without remembering what happens after that immediately or after the death of the physical body or in the next incarnation. What matters is not how you learned the lesson, but what your essence became after that, if it remains the same, and you perform lessons only out of fear of retribution, then the exam is failed. And the soul will have new lessons again and again, until, finally, it will be able to remake its essence, and not just be afraid of retribution. This does not happen by anyone's will and is not established by Teachers or some mythical Lords of karma, and not by a mythical «higher self». These are simply the properties of the ether, of which the soul and everything around consists, these are the properties of the Absolute itself, which is eternally self-improving through its particles. The very expression «lords of karma» is generated by a sleeping child's consciousness that knows nothing about the world of energies and ether, that there are no demiurges in the ether who decide your fate.

       All these deities, higher spirits and Teachers do not judge anyone and do not reward anyone. They can only tell you how to behave and reveal knowledge to those who can hear them. All the punishment and all the praise are only in the mind limited by the body and brain, which cannot imagine that these are the properties of the energies of the ether. He cannot imagine that a heavy act and thought make vibrations heavier and attract heavy events, but the heavier the vibrations, the further the reward will be according to your time. These are the properties of ether and nothing else.

       But the way of life in the physical body creates images of strict mentors and judges, hierarchs and lords, although you can own something only in your material world, and only the hierarchs of the anti-world can own captive and seduced souls, who can only be called by this word «lord». In the light worlds, this does not exist. But the mind, immersed in the physical body, can hardly imagine otherwise. Hence all these worships and adoration, and the lords and hierarchs. All this is skillfully used by the real lords of the dark worlds and are presented to ignorant people on behalf of light spirits, deities and Teachers, because people are not confused by the epithets of «lords» and «the greatest hierarchs». Sometimes they hang them on real Teachers of Light, which lowers the vibrations of the information they receive from them. You are all spirits!

       You are all souls, because you all have shells, otherwise you would be able to exist only in the bodies of atoms and particles and would be impersonal. You all live your lives in a physical body, like an exam. The lesson itself based on the results of the last incarnation can be realized only outside the physical body between incarnations, when the soul sees and understands everything without the limitations of the physical brain. In the body, it is limited in perception, and this applies even to incarnate deities. But this does not mean that their mythical «higher selves» are somewhere else, and not in the body. The «higher self», for that matter, is you, only without the limitations of the brain and the physical mind, without the limitations of the perception of the physical body. If you put a conditional subject, using your concepts, in one room from early childhood and keep him there for ten years, this does not mean that his soul remained outside the room. She is in him, and what he remembers from his distant childhood before seclusion is his memories, not the messages and contacts of his soul living outside the room.

       The soul is in it, it's just limited to the room. And if he is released from this room, he will remember everything and will explore a new world for him. The soul remained in place, in the body of the subject. And if you suddenly lock him in a room again for many years, the soul will also remain in him, although it will gradually begin to get used to a limited world and remember the world without restrictions, like a kind of fairy tale or a vague memory of another world. But she is always in it and does not fly out anywhere and is not torn into some small person who knows only this room and its furnishings and the «higher self, free from restrictions», living in another world. The world is simple, and there is no need to build the most complex schemes. You are you; you are the primordial spirit with expanded shells, which I call the soul. It's just that sometimes you are limited and cannot fully perceive yourself, and sometimes you remember and know everything, but this is yourself, and not your separate «higher self» from you. Learn to remember yourself, and do not look for the crutches of the Teacher for whom you take the mythical «higher self».

       And for this you need to be fully aware of all the responsibility not only for all your actions, but also for every movement of thought. This is how you raise or lower your vibrations, and, therefore, create conditions for yourself to remember yourself or forget. And remember: no one will ever be able to destroy you energetically, only if you yourself do not allow it with your inept actions and thoughts. If your soul has heavy untied knots, you are vulnerable, but even if your karma is pure, as you would say, you also become vulnerable if you allow pride, buy into flattery and bragging, your chosen one, if you allow greed and reach for the benefits that are promised to you, or simply can't to cope with your fear and fears of a sorcerer or an eye-catching person. And in the same way, no one will ever be able to restore you energetically from the outside, except yourself.

       Everything else is the greatest illusion and self-deception! Or self-deceptive crutches, when consciousness cannot exist without them at all, and something happens to it only when there is hope for these props. That is, having convinced himself that props do it, the soul begins to work and do it, but the mind and brain think that props help. But this already speaks of complete distrust of the Light that exists in every soul, of its closeness and full confidence in its isolation from the Universe and confidence in the impossibility of conducting light. This is the height of the illusion that the soul is capable of, and which dark entities or sorcerers can cause in it. But again, this can only be caused when there is already something in the soul for which it can be picked up! Fears and doubts. Fears and doubts open all the gates to black magicians, sorcerers, demons and the like. They open the gates of the soul to all blows, even if there are no heavy knots in karma.

       Therefore, in this case they are the greatest evil. The illusion of complete separation from the Universe and its helplessness is the reverse side of megalomania and grows from the enormous power of the ego, albeit inverted on the inside. And it is she who gives rise to doubts and fears. I am not talking about the physical body, it is quite possible to destroy it from the outside, and a skilled doctor can cure it better than you yourself. But this matter is coarse, physical, it has other laws. Subtle matters depend only on the properties of the soul itself and they can be destroyed only if the soul itself still has flaws. As soon as these flaws are eliminated, all the confusion and illusions fly off and everything is restored by itself, and not through physical exercises, breathing practices and meditations, visualizations, mantras, prayers and other practices, which in this case are only sweet painkillers and a drug to which they get used. At best, it is some kind of props to create confidence that everything will work out when the consciousness is struck by uncertainty and fears and in its illusions is torn away from the Single light of the Universe.

       But it tears itself away from this Light only by itself, with its illusions! All magic, rituals, conspiracies are also needed only to overcome this illusion, and to gain confidence that everything will turn out exactly the way you want. They are necessary for the destruction of uncertainty and doubt, as well as the practice of meditation in the healing of energy structures. Doubts and uncertainty block the flow of the primordial light through the soul, as a guide, and, therefore, deprive it of power. All souls and even small impersonal grains of the spirit embodied in atoms are conductors of the one primordial light of the Absolute. Low vibrations extinguish the light, so those who do bad deeds and are full of vices become dark and heavy energetically and cannot conduct the original light. But fears and doubts, uncertainty also extinguish the light, they do not make it dim, but simply turn off the conductor. When a conductor thinks that he can't conduct - he really can't. And this also needs to be remembered. Do not get confused in complex theories and constructions. The more complex the theory, the more difficult it is for you to draw a picture of the world and the structure of subtle structures - the more likely it is that information is given by dark entities who see the world incredibly difficult from their anti-world. Or, at best, it is information from a person who has not seen the light himself and lives in the illusions of complex systems, trying to somehow get into the essence of things, but with his mind and realizing himself with his body or half-body. He may think that the «higher self» dictates all this to him, but in fact he is just trying to pull the truth, the reflections of which reach him to your bodily world. He is looking for compromises between the world of the spirit and the concepts of your rough world, without violating the established authoritative concepts of the omnipotence and perfection of the Creator and the World, which his mind cannot overcome», - Velez said slowly, looking into the distance.

       And with renewed vigor, a bonfire broke out on the ancient temple, erasing all visions. And somewhere in the distance, a crunch was heard in the windfall, and a bearish muttering was heard. For those who are interested, subscribe to the group in the telegram channel «Aruba Wellness Center»:


       Recorded by Valeria Koltsova. The material was provided by the head of the Aruba Wellness Center (Center for the Development of Health and Longevity), honorary member of the Prometheus research group Diomid Bashkinov.


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