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13.02.2023 16:26

       Our NIG Prometheus is engaged in research work in the field of the history of antediluvian civilizations and Vedic culture. We go on expeditions, find various artifacts, conduct our research, but as they say, it is impossible to embrace the immensity. One of the objects of research was the island of Aruba, where indirect facts were found indicating that the island may be the remains of Atlantis. I'm not going to list these facts, that's not the point. Our friend Diomid Bashkinov, who is an honorary member of the Prometheus research group, was presented with a book about Aruba by local old-timers, in which some drawings were displayed, in places resembling the similarity of letters. The opinion of only official academic science does not suit us. We have already encountered him many times, and the artifacts we have found in various expeditions completely destroy the theory of traditionalists. As they say:

       «If the facts destroy the theory, then it is necessary to throw out not the facts, but the theory».

       Since our team does not have such specialists in deciphering signs and symbols of past civilizations, and we do not speak dead languages, we would like to hear tips from other independent researchers. After reviewing all the drawings, I realized that neither intuition nor a sixth sense gave any clue. Therefore, I appeal to you. Please write your versions in private messages. Now I will publish photos of the drawings, maybe some of you will recognize letters and words in them, someone will see kalyaki-malaki, someone signs and symbols that will be successfully deciphered. Perhaps someone will be able to remember that he has already met something similar in his locality, on another continent, in another country. This is also important.





       In Figure № 3, a pair of men and women with characteristic sexual characteristics are seen holding hands together, to the right of them a five-pointed star is black and shaded. What are your thoughts? A warning about a threat from outer space?







       In Figure № 7, by associative signs, the symbols resemble a key, a key shape, or a path diagram. I don't know what you can tell me?



 PICTURE № 10.

 PICTURE № 11.

       In Figure № 11, the theory of reading and deciphering writing is traced by the method of Professor, Doctor of Philosophy Valery Alekseevich Chudinov. Unfortunately, we tried to get in touch with him, but it didn't work out. Maybe one of the independent researchers will help us with this?

 PICTURE № 12.

 PICTURE № 13.

 PICTURE № 14.



 PICTURE № 17.

       Perhaps you've seen it somewhere else. Well, in general, that's it. Thank you in advance, who will be able to suggest or direct to a knowledgeable person who will be able to offer his explanations of signs and symbols.

 The head of the Prometheus research group is Valery Sivokon.


Виктор Иванович 13.02.2023, 22:11
Ребята ничего на ум не приходит, но полезно было бы выставить фото непосредственно с места их нахождения или последовательно слева направо, или снизу вверх и наоборот.
Жека 14.02.2023, 18:26
Я уверен, что группа "Прометей" справится с этой задачей. У вас одни профессионалы с большой буквы аналитики.
Казак Уральский 14.02.2023, 23:07
По-моему вы ребята подбираетесь к самому страшному. Как бы по вам не ударили. Настолько глубокий аналитический анализ, вас не зря блокировали по этой теме. Берегите себя. Благодарю.
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