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       The facts of the global falsification of history show how powerful and organized the force behind them is. The same force governs finance, politics, science, culture and other activities that affect our lives. What is being so diligently hidden from us? In my opinion, these are free energy technologies and our understanding of our psychophysical abilities. We are not ready to receive free energy technologies yet, and even the light forces are still against it - without raising awareness, we will destroy ourselves with these technologies. With the acquisition of psychophysical abilities, the situation is different - they are not available without development and raising energy, therefore they are not dangerous for society, even when they give their owners great strength.

       A large amount of Vital Energy is coming to Earth now. Both due to the fact that the Earth is coming out of the energy shadow, and because the screen created to close the Earth from this Energy is damaged. Books by Mike Newton, Neil Walsh, Joe Dispenza and many others help to understand their potential, and the presence of this energy, combined with awareness and the ability to apply it, allows all people on Earth to make a significant leap in their development. Cleaning of slags, recovery, prolonging life, attracting the best scenario of the future, opportunities and environment is not a complete list of what is possible with a high level of energy. How to raise it?

Helping to raise vital energy is the main task of «Aruba Wellness Center». The island of Aruba is a place of power, where streams of Vital Energy from Space and from the center of the Earth meet. This has a noticeable impact on both local residents and visitors to the island. They are mostly positive and successful people. There is practically no poverty and crime in Aruba. Aruba is the most visited island in the world. There are not so many communities and groups around any place on Earth - it's enough to count the groups on FB dedicated to Aruba to make sure of this. But in order to raise energy and vibrations, it is not necessary to go to Aruba - these are the ways that we recommend:

       1. Raising awareness - at the bottom I will give, far from complete, a list of books that contribute to this. To understand that our Soul lives forever and its development is the main goal of our incarnation, that the death of the physical body is not the end of intelligent existence. How and what to wish for, so that desires materialize and much more, when reading and looking at it from different sides, at some point causes resonance with our genetic memory and becomes our knowledge - the basis for high energy.

       2. Purification of Karma, removal of energy outflow channels, contracts and implants, energy and breathing exercises - specialists of our Center can help with this.

       3. Purification of the body, liberation from bad habits and parasites that generate them. To do this, we have individual programs, the effectiveness of which can be observed in real time using the personal health indicator RaDoTek - it shows the state of all internal organs and trends in their changes. I also highly recommend the plasma technology developed by Mehran Keshe. In the Russian-speaking community, it is developed by Radiy Babanu, whose lectures are available on YouTube and other platforms.

       The use of these methods for 2-3 months can give noticeable results and by applying efforts to work on yourself at first, you will no longer need it - raising energy and new sensations associated with it will give such pleasant sensations and joy that further progress along the path of development will not be difficult. The Radotek device with a discount: discount code: RDTDMD10908 List of necessary literature:

       - Michael Newton «The Destiny of the Soul», «The Journey of the Soul»,

       - James Mangan «The Secret of the Perfect Life»,

       - Neil Walsh «Conversations with God»,

       - Dr. Dispenza «The Power of the subconscious»,

       - All books by G. A. Sidorov, it's better to start with «Behind Seven seals»,

       - Colin Tipping «Radical Statement»,

       - Abd Ru Shin «In the light of Truth»,

       - Svetlana Levashova «Revelation»,

       - Cossack Saved,

       - Group FB: Mudflood and Ocular Science (Research Group on Occult History).

       The Lost Past.

       A huge number of facts of distortion of history are presented in the Telegram group «The Lost Past» and many others. Oleg Pavlyuchenko collected and summarized a lot, but I didn't find a simple and complete picture anywhere. I tried to make it myself - I will be glad to comments and information on the topic. Until about 1650-1680, the world was one with the Vedic culture and the inhabitants, divided into groups-Castes-Varna - aristocracy, consisting, including people 8-10 feet, warriors, workers, merchants and sudras. The whole world was inhabited, including the present deserts and Russian Siberia. It was a «Golden Age» with free energy technologies, high-quality building materials, antique architecture, and the ability, in particular, to remember their previous lives and not to learn anew at each incarnation, but to accumulate knowledge. At the end of the XVII century there was a catastrophe - the fall of fragments of one of the Moons to the Earth, as a result of which the Earth's axis tilted, the pressure decreased and 90 % of the population died. Those who remained partially restored life and technology, but the merchant caste began to seize power and began to overthrow the power of the aristocrats. They finally seized power after the 2nd catastrophe, the fall of comet Bijela in 1842-1870. Technologies and knowledge were hidden, giants and people with high psychophysical abilities were destroyed, history was rewritten, development was reversed. Now we are on the threshold of the revival of the Golden Age, when abilities and technologies will be available to us again, as soon as we regain enough reason not to use them to harm ourselves.



       The pendulum.

       In the «Aruba Wellness Center» group, Rodamir wrote a wonderful article about how, with the help of a pendulum, we can make ourselves an ideal diet. I am interested in another question - how who thinks what percentage of the people will run away from the very formulation of this question. How many people, for whom to work with a pendulum, like how to fly on a mortar? I am familiar with the pendulum, as well as Rodamir - for more than 4 years, and when he showed me how to work with it, I was just curious how they showed a lighter instead of matches - an additional convenience in life. And who has what other approach? Here is this article:

       «The topic of proper nutrition is as old as the world. But this does not change anything in our lives. No, of course, there are a lot of recommendations on what we should eat at all and what we don't need. But as a rule, these recommendations are general in nature, and each specific person with his own special organism and his own special living conditions needs an individual approach to his nutrition. There is also even a whole direction in medicine - dietetics. But again, you can't get enough of a nutritionist for every person. Therefore, only everyone should choose the optimal set of products and dishes from them correctly. Moreover, this set changes with age and according to the seasons. This selection of products, in addition to taste preferences, should be based on a clear understanding of how the body reacts to it - that is, it implies constant monitoring through analysis of the body's reaction to certain products. Thus, in practice, this task seems to be very difficult to accomplish. Medical tests are expensive, and they need a lot of variety and often.

       Meanwhile, most of us (at least those who are already really interested in the selection of nutrition) can quite independently assess with great accuracy what our body needs and what is better not to consume. To do this, you need to make friends with your internal «biocomputer» and master a simple interface for communicating with it - the Pendulum method. By asking simple monosyllabic questions - «Yes», «No» - it is possible to determine with any degree of accuracy the usefulness of any products and types of dishes from them for our body. For convenience, by drawing a simple diagram with five-point scales (both plus and minus), you will easily get an idea of what is useful for your body and what you do not need to use. Of course, there are some nuances when mastering the «Pendulum method» - since without guarantees of the reliability of the answers, no one will be able to use the method for their own benefit. Therefore, even such a simple method needs to be trained. For simple life goals, four classes are enough, which are guaranteed (with some individual exceptions) to provide you with a steady skill of using the pendulum in simple utilitarian cases. I not only conduct such training, but also remove obstacles, if there are any, to master this simple and effective way to study myself and the world around me. Start with yourself, start with the simple and the world will open up for you with new facets and colors. And most importantly, this is a real path to your health, which only you can really follow».




       My connection with Aruba began with the sensations I received in the Alta Vista Maze. We always visit it and made a maze at home, designed by Vyacheslav Tokarev. What happens in the Maze:

       - Harmonization of the psychoemotional state of a Person through conscious ordering of feelings and relationships.

       - Expansion of consciousness as a result of identification and liberation from outdated limiting ideas and views on life and deeper acceptance of oneself, others and one's life experience.

       - Gaining inner integrity through the harmonious reunion of the horizontal and vertical levels of consciousness (according to the degree of readiness of each).

       - Improving a person's sensitivity to the perception of energy flows in his body.

       - Awareness of oneself as a Creative and Creative Person.

       - Formation of a sense of security and internal stability, when the internal vertical is built, the chakras merge into one and a feeling of sphericity appears.

       - Strengthening the connection with the consciousness of the Earth and the entire Universe, since the Labyrinth is both a map of the inner state of a person and the entire Universe.

       «The person coming out of the maze is not at all the one who entered this maze. This is a person reborn for a new stage, a new standard of living. It is in the center that death and a new birth take place» - (Herman Kern).



       How everything is interconnected and what is going on.

       Everything in the Universe exists according to the laws of the Universe, one of which sounds:

       «Like attracts Like».

       There are two Systems in the Universe - «Light» and «Dark» or «Angilon System». Their difference is in the way of obtaining the "Energy of Life", which is the main value of the Universe:

       - The Light System is spiritual, receives it directly from the Center of the Universe.

       - The Dark System can only take it away from the Light One.

       On different planets of different galaxies, there are both Light worlds and Dark Ones with their own inhabitants and their own territory, beyond which their influence decreases. Our Earth is located in such a way that for periods of several centuries or millennia, it is either on a Light or Dark territory and life on Earth, accordingly, changes. Spirituality, joy and harmony, free energy and long life reign on the Bright territory of the Earth, materialism, fear, negativity, competition reign on the Dark One.

       For the last 200 years or so, we have been completely under the control of the Dark System and in 1999-2012, the Earth moved to the Light Territory. High vibrations come and the negativity through which the Dark Ones take our energy must go away. At the same time, there are many people on Earth who are brought up by negativity and do not want to part with it. Many of them are placed in high positions so that they not only give their energy through negativity, but also help to take it away from others, creating all sorts of problems for them. These people are not needed by the Light System either - in this incarnation, many have no chance to change. Give such technologies, and they will use them against others or themselves, for their own selfish purposes. I have repeatedly heard that the Dark Ones, before their departure, were given power on Earth for 1 250 days, starting from November 1, 2021. The agreement is as follows:

       «The Dark ones are allowed to use their tools to the maximum - the media, Religion, Politics, Money, secret societies, and so on, in order to drive people into maximum negativity, squeeze every drop of energy out of them. But only those who will agree with them and stay in the negative. Those who find a positive in their situation, meaning and goals in life, the Dark Ones have no right to touch».

       As you know, negativity depresses the immune system. In my opinion, the Dark Ones were given the right to poison us with an infection, but only the one that a healthy immune system can cope with. They poison us with infection in the form of diseases and injections, but only those who are confident and happy, the immune system copes with all the nastiness, and those who are in anguish - at some point may stop. And while this moment has not yet come, everyone has the opportunity to see the positive in their situation before embarking on the path to a bright future, which is not far off. For those who are interested, subscribe to the group in the telegram channel «Aruba Wellness Center»:



       Independent researcher from the USA, founder of the «Aruba Wellness Center» (Center for the Development of Health and Longevity), honorary member of the Prometheus research group Diomid Bashkinov.


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