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       What secrets are hidden from humanity on the island of Aruba? More and more information about the catastrophe and space war many millennia ago is hidden from society in our time. Its traces are scattered all over the planet. These are the first floors of old buildings covered with clay - visible all over the world, and molten stones from energy weapons with traces of giants with bare and shod feet, and flooded pyramids under water, and so on and so forth. There are not just a lot of artifacts and evidence, but a great many, you just need to be able to see them, breaking away from worldly affairs and constant problems artificially created for us. Why is this catastrophe being covered up? To hide the real history and secret knowledge. Three things mainly, that our soul and consciousness live forever, that we constantly receive energy from the Universe, which, if properly applied, gives us great opportunities, and that we are degrading, not developing.

       The main purpose of the technologies that have been given to us over the past 150 years is to keep us in bondage and reduce our consciousness to the level of an animal. Behind this are the "dark forces" (Satanists, Freemasons, the Illuminati, secret orders, the "Black Aristocracy", "B'nai B'rith" and the like, who collaborated with the infernal world or represent the interests of another form of life hostile to humanity), present on Earth for thousands years, who feed on our energy, spent on negative, who enslaved humanity, keeping us in constant fear, destroyed the great Vedic civilization.

       Throughout the history of the existence of the descendants of the White Gods, they provoke clashes between intelligent people and their puppets, who managed to brainwash, but independent researchers, despite persecution and sometimes loss of life, reveal whole layers of lies from official and academic science. Yes, sometimes we make mistakes, but this is not from malicious intent, but from a lack of full-fledged information hidden in the secret archives of the special services, the Russian Orthodox Church, the Vatican, the Smithsonian Institution, and the like, as well as the lack of full-fledged material support on a national scale. Whoever of us approaches the truth is immediately destroyed, but at the same moment, dozens of new ones take the place of the departed researcher, who, based on his knowledge, continue their work.

       In the era of the Internet, they will not be able to hide the real history from humanity, no matter how hard they try, except for the possibility of another provoked world war and the destruction of everyone and everything, but this will not save them either. Time is running out, the earth is raising its vibration, the night of Svarog has passed and Dawn is coming.

       I beg your pardon and patience of the readers, as now we will talk about the systematization of old materials, and I will refresh a little in my memory what the Prometheus research group, independent researchers from the USA Diomid Bashkinov and Mikhail Kuznetsov from the Moscow region were able to find on the island of Aruba. On the basis of direct and indirect evidence, we can safely put forward a theory about the existence of giants on the island, 2.5 meters high or more, descendants of the Atlantean or Hyperborean civilization, destroyed during some kind of space war and finished off in a planetary catastrophe. What really happened then, one can only guess. In support of this theory, the following facts and objects, found and discovered by us, speak:

       1. Direct fact from official academic science recognizing the existence of giants:

       «The Dutch Leeward Islands were discovered by the Spaniards in 1499. The Spaniards called the islands «Isles of the Giants» (Spanish Islas de los Gigantes), as the local population was taller than them».

       2. An indirect fact that requires radiocarbon analysis. These are footprints in shoes on a lot of molten stones. Our acquaintance forensic scientist, his last name is not named at his request, unequivocally established that these traces belong to a person of enormous stature, since there is a characteristic mark of weight shift when walking on the heel.

       3. An indirect fact that requires chemical and radiocarbon analysis. A lot of melted and burnt stones, subjected to some kind of energy impact.

       4. An indirect fact that requires chemical, radiocarbon analysis and analysis for the presence of cesium 137 in the soil at a depth of 2 to 7 meters. We found a crater from an energy weapon, with a high probability of a nuclear type, with a diameter of 180 meters. Based on the opinion of American experts, in a ground explosion of a nuclear charge with a capacity of 10 kilotons, the diameter of the funnel would be about 90 meters, and its depth would be 20 meters. In our case, weapons with a yield of approximately 20 kilotons were used. A link to a source for calculating the power of a ground-based nuclear explosion is given below.

       Source: https://history.wikireading.ru/62674?

       5. Indirect fact. A man-made protective structure of the «bell» type was found with typical signs of destruction from the use of high-power energy weapons, which split it into several parts. To understand the full picture, it is necessary to carry out radiocarbon analysis in order to determine the dating of the object.

       6. Indirect fact. In the local archaeological museum, exhibits of jugs made in the form of «alien heads» were found, reminiscent of the drawings of the famous Russian scientist, historian, writer, independent researcher, traveler, professor and doctor of medical sciences E. R. Muldashev. Requires radiocarbon dating.

       7. Indirect fact. Petroglyphs were found on stones with drawings clearly reminiscent of a UFO attack and the use of energy weapons in the form of a wide and embracing «heat death ray». To determine the dating, radiocarbon dating is required.

       8. Indirect fact. There were found traces in the form of petroglyphs on stones and a structure on the island, resembling the view of Atlantis, identical to the drawing of the Athenian philosopher of Ancient Greece Plato.

       9. Indirect fact. After the publication of our articles and videos, one day all the materials were blocked by Google, and a massive attack was made on our social networks and an attempt was made to block or intercept them, which was repulsed, but the «sediment» remained.



       Now we turn to the disclosure of the next topic «Secrets of the island of Aruba». Underwater world of the island. Since, based on a combination of direct and indirect facts, we put forward a theory about the existence of giants on the island and a space war that gave rise to a powerful planetary natural disaster that destroyed the remnants of the inhabitants of Atlantis, a natural question arises:

       «Are there similar artifacts in the Caribbean Sea that are also hidden carefully»?

       «Yes, there are, but they need to be examined on the spot, using technical means for diving under water».

       These can be scuba gear, water vehicles, an echo sounder for studying the bottom near the island of Aruba, and miniature submarines. What prompted us to explore the underwater world of the island? You will not believe it, but the petroglyphs on the stone, once depicted by representatives of another civilization who managed to survive these events, gave a hint. They seemed to give a hint that it is necessary to explore the underwater world of the island of Aruba.



       As we can see, the stone depicts a humanoid image of an unknown creature in shape, reminiscent of our species. Perhaps this is an extinct sea monster? He has two long arms and a neck, head, short legs, resembling a kind of bifurcated tail. For me, the petroglyph is associated with a representative of an underwater civilization, which we have repeatedly encountered and continue to encounter in our time.

       In confirmation of this version, says the story told by the UFO scientist, Doctor of Philosophy, Candidate of Technical Sciences, independent researcher Vladimir Azhazha. Contact of the fifth kind occurred in Russia on Lake Baikal, when in the 1980s a group of military divers were training. While working out the task at a depth of 50 meters, divers noticed humanoids, the outlines of which were very similar to people, but the three-meter length of the bodies indicated that there were far from people in front of the military. The silhouettes of the humanoids were silvery, and on their heads were transparent spheres. The contact was reported to the commanders, and one of them gave the command to catch the «animal» for the authorities. However, unknown swimmers were not going to give up. They easily threw the military, and they did it with such force that they were immediately thrown to the surface. As a result, three divers died from decompression sickness. Four more managed to undergo treatment in the pressure chamber. It was not possible to catch the humanoids using the net. Everything was documented and hidden in a folder classified as «Secret» for decades.



        Well, that's not all. The scientist, former director of the state archive of the Buryat ASSR, local historian Tivanenko, who was born in these places, told the following story. In 1990, together with a friend, he went fishing on Lake Baikal, in the area of the Circum-Baikal Railway. At night, they began to pull the nets, when suddenly 3-meter creatures with shiny skin began to jump out of the water. They miraculously did not capsize the motorboat. Having thrown their nets, the unlucky fishermen left without a catch, but they remembered this incident for the rest of their lives. He also told an interesting story that happened more than a century ago and is preserved in the local archive. Local peasants went fishing and also met the same creatures, one of which was caught in the net. They looked like people, but they had membranes, and their legs grew together, forming a tail, just like on the petroglyph of the island of Aruba. The head is the same as that of a man with large dark eyes, there were no eyelids. But the most interesting thing is that the locals called these creatures «Pharaohs». Why they called it that way, history is silent, but, as we know, where there are pharaohs, there must be pyramids. And we found them under water near the island of Aruba, but more on that below. Like it or not, but the description of the underwater inhabitants of two Russian scientists is insanely reminiscent of the image of a petroglyph on the island of Aruba.

       If we look closely at the petroglyph, we can detect the direction in which the creature is swimming. It seems to swim under the island, under the remains of the flooded Atlantis, on the other hand, there is a petroglyph depicting a portal that still exists in the underwater world of the island. That is, it turns out that on the right side of the creature there are the remains of the structures of Atlantis, and on the left hand, there is a portal leading to no one knows where. Perhaps the Atlanteans used it to move in space and time, or it was an entrance to other parallel realities. Only by diving underwater can one say anything for sure. By the way, on one of the banknotes of the island there is an image of a similar rounded arch resembling a petroglyph, but more on that in another topic of our investigation, because all the money, coins and banknotes of the island of Aruba have Masonic signs and symbols.



       When studying the underwater world of the island using Google maps via satellite, an incomprehensible energy or thermal spectrum of the coastal region of the island was discovered. He seems to radiate some kind of energy. What could it be? I dont know. I can’t give an exact answer, I can only state and record this fact. Maybe more knowledgeable readers in this area will offer their own versions of what it could be. This spectrum extends around the perimeter of the entire island to a distance of approximately 2 kilometers from land. When drawing closer, we see that almost all the colors of the rainbow are present there. A similar glow of the islands was found everywhere, but with a small correction, somewhere less, and somewhere completely absent, which undoubtedly indicates some kind of radiant energy of the island.



       Here is the version put forward by an independent researcher Diomid Bashkinov, which is very likely. Often visiting the island of Aruba, he noticed that most of the inhabitants and those who love the island are very friendly and positive. Once he stumbled upon the Labyrinth of the island and experienced an unforgettable experience in it, he began to search for information. With the help of Professor Vyacheslav Tokarev from St. Petersburg the theory was created:

       «Aruba is a volcanic island that arose at the junction of two plates - continental and oceanic. At the same time, molten Silicon rose from great depths, and Silane gas was formed there. So, he served to create a kind of crystal lattice, collecting and lifting various metals from the bottom. As a result, Aruba is made up of layers of Silicon bonded by metal. The island itself is a crystalline grid vibrating at the frequency of the universe. Mount Sinai, Machu Picchu, Mount Anakurna in India have the same geological structure. Many scientists of our time already have ideas of how our thoughts materialize. One of them is Dr. Joe Dispenza from the USA. With our thoughts, we twist the torsion fields that spread instantly throughout the Universe, attracting to us that which resonates with our vibrations».

       Similar attracts. And in Aruba, this process is intensifying many times! Therefore, negative people, attracting increased negativity, flee from the island, while positive people, on the contrary, strive to get there. Many spiritual leaders often visit and live on the island of Aruba, one of them is Gea Souge. She and her followers built the Labyrinth there. Positive people, being at a high level of understanding, can build relationships based on trust and synergy, realizing that everything returns. More and more people are aware of the power of positivity and their abilities, which are easiest to notice and feel in the Places of the Earth's Power, one of which is the island of Aruba. If you read the reviews of tourists on Facebook in the “I Love Aruba” group or any other Aruba forum, you can see that many people talk about how good they feel on the island, about a surge of energy and vitality, about their desire visit the island again and experience these feelings again.

       It is no coincidence that Aruba is the most re-visited island in the world. The average tourist visits Aruba least 6 times. Secret knowledge is gradually being revealed, and with it comes an explanation and understanding of this phenomenon. The island of Aruba can not only energize, but also help health, longevity, change the scenario of your life for the better. With this understanding, the popularity of Aruba is only growing, despite all the obstacles of the system. The government has not developed the topic of tourism for a long time and even limits it, as if realizing that the secrets of the island are about to be revealed. Already now, successful and sane people from all over the world are gathering in Aruba, and with an increase in the number of awakened people, their number will grow. Many researchers, esotericists, shamans, psychics and the like come there. They seem to be attracted by the energy of the island. He beckons them and calls to him. Perhaps this is a manifestation of the energy activity of the island of Aruba, seen on Google maps from a satellite.


       Unfortunately, for English-speaking readers, there will be no translation of the second part (continuation), due to a hacker attack and a warning to end research activities on the island of Aruba. Read the second part in Russian and translate it yourself. Temporarily, the exploration of the island of Aruba has been discontinued. In the future, we will acquaint readers with the results of studying the underworld of the island, the direct connection of the aborigines of the island with the Slavic Vedic culture and Satanist Masons, who left their signs and symbols throughout the island of Aruba, including banknotes. If they're bothering us so much, then we've hit the nail on the head.

Translated by Diomid Bashkinov, an independent researcher from the USA.

Head of the research group «Prometheus» Valery Sivokon.


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