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       The task of our Center is to help in the realization of the genetic potential, including health and longevity for those who are interested. There is a good article by the healer Rodamir on this topic. We invite healers, herbalists, inventors and everyone who agrees that traditional medicine has drawbacks, in particular, often its task is not to treat us, but to make us chronic drug users. The same goes for those who understand that through awareness, an increase in vibrations and energy, one can do without drugs at all. If you understand or remember your Calling, the goal of your incarnation on Earth, find a way to follow this goal, become necessary for the Universe, then everything for the realization of this goal, including a long, healthy and happy life, is real and achievable.

       I invite you to Aruba - an amazing island with a high level of positive vibrations, where there are no storms and hurricanes, according to one theory, because of the technologies of the Atlanteans and the Northern Gods hidden in the depths of the island. On the island it is easy to feel your life energy and learn how to use it. It is possible to participate in business projects in Aruba in the field of real estate and entertainment. The Government of Aruba may allocate free land for food producing projects using plasma and other advanced technologies. We are starting a new project - drawing up a course on how to clean and improve the body in half a year, change habits, raise energy and lay the foundation for extending your active life for 10-20 years. There is a lot of evidence that our genetic potential allows us to live longer than 100 years. One of the conditions for this is liberation from the egregious influence, which programs us for a short life, poisons us with food and pills. Regardless of age and health status, the body can be cleaned, balanced and put in order.

       You can raise your energy to a state where the parasites will leave the body, taste preferences and habits will change. From energy and breathing exercises, in addition to benefits, you can get real pleasure. The feeling of full energy will reveal creative potential, fill with strength, attract favorable opportunities, new friends, the best scenario for a bright future. We invite everyone who wants to participate in it to share knowledge and/or apply it for their health and development. An integral part of the course will be the development of intuition and learning to communicate with your subconscious mind with the help of a pendulum. The Radotek device will help you track changes in your body's systems in real time www.radotech.com

       Parasites of the planet.

       A good video, summarizing the picture of a true history. In some ways it intersects with O. Pavlyuchenko, but there are also fresh thoughts.

       A source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCQxolr6-e4

       I’ve have been researching the issue for quite a long time and the picture has developed as follows. More than 100 different types of live beings are present on Earth. Some live underground, on space bases, nearby planets. A part lives next to us, but in a different dimension, on a subtle plane.

       Among them there are both spiritual civilizations that are friendly to us and are at a higher level of development, as well as parasites-materialists, many of whom are also highly developed. The main treasure in the world is the energy of life. We get it with breathing and energy flows that pass between the sun above us and another sun, in the center of the Earth. Parasites can only take energy. We give them energy when we are negative - sad or angry, no matter for what reason. The main knowledge hidden from us is our ability to accumulate and manage our life energy.

       We can create reality by materializing our thoughts and movements of the soul. This requires the concentration of energy by our consciousness. Parasites do everything so that we are not capable to concentrate, but spend all our energy on negativity, giving it to them - they give us fluoride to worsen the functioning of the pineal gland, keep us in a struggle for survival, load us with problems, poison us with food, suppress creativity and the truth, they stupefy with education, etc. and so on - everything so that we do not realize our abilities and the right goals, do not concentrate our attention on what is important to us. I agree that they seized power about 200 years ago, most likely, as now, climate as well as space and nuclear weapons were used. They hid technology, changed history. Parasites of the highest level have ethereal or astral bodies.

       They can be present on the Earth while it was in the «Cosmic Shadow», but now the Earth has come out of the shadow and they have left the Earth. There left are devils of a lower rank and their puppets, who sold their soul to them and now belong to them. These include Presidents of almost all countries, businessmen, religious, cultural, scientific leaders, politicians. That's why they rot us without any logic. The night is darker before dawn. Let me remind you that this is a theory, but according to it, between the Light Teachers, who are now taking over us and the departing dark ones, an agreement was concluded - until about March 2025, the dark ones can put pressure on everyone by circumstances until a person shows free will, stops agreeing with them.

       Those who do not start to resist, they can take away. This is due to the fact that the same free energy technologies cannot be returned to us as long as there are those in our society who can use them for selfish purposes. How can we get rid of selfishness in the remaining 2,5 years? With the exit of the Earth from the shadow, instant Karma returns to us, which it did before and will do soon - any negative is fatal for its bearer. What happens to us is a consequence of our deeds and thoughts in the past, often in other lives, so very few see these events connect and understand that we pay for everything. And here - everybody will feel instant Kama and either learn to see the positive in any situation, or will get hit in the nose until he learns. And it will start soon. We sit in the front row. I invite positive and reasonable people to the island of Aruba! For those who are interested, subscribe to the group in the telegram channel of «Aruba Wellness Center»: https://t.me/+zxgiYAWdgL4xOGEy


       Independent researcher from the USA, founder of the Aruba Wellness Center (Center for the Development of Health and Longevity), honorary member of the Prometheus research group Diomid Bashkinov.


Виктор Иванович 14.01.2023, 17:15
Надеюсь, что англоязычные заходят сюда почитать.
Наталья 15.01.2023, 23:25
Хорошо хоть идёт дублирование на русском языке. С переводчиком много не переведёшь. С автором согласна полностью, прочитав на русском языке.
Есаул 03.02.2023, 14:46
Интересно, но непонятно.
Офицер 14.03.2023, 17:25
Спасибо за помощь людям, обществу и человечеству.
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